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It's hard to decide upon a college major. Here are a few ideas.

Business is still a popular destination for many incoming students. Business majors can choose between several different majors, such as accounting, marketing, management, or finance. Undecided students can start out as general business majors and then choose a concentration later. Accounting majors, however, do need to get started fairly quickly, at least by their sophomore year, as most colleges require so many accounting courses that some students may have trouble finishing their degree in four years if they don't get started right away. Read more about business degrees.

Fashion is another area that is really popular with a small section of students. Most colleges don't offer a degree in fashion, so you'll have to do some searching. Read about fashion and college classes and potential careers.

Engineering is a very popular major. Not all schools offer engineering degrees either. Engineering isn't really just one field, there are so many different areas of engineering that you should look carefully at the different colleges and make sure that the college you are considering offers the engineering concentration you are interested in. Read more about engineering courses and you can explore other career options at

You can always choose a liberal arts college. Attending a liberal arts school and working through your degree and the supporting required courses can be a great experience. Depending upon which major you select, your employment options might not be as high as a more technical or specific job-preparation major may provide, but that is a compromise that you will have to work out. Find a liberal arts college.

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