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California students have a multitude of education options when it comes to where to attend school. There are private universities, huge public colleges, specialty schools, trade schools, community colleges and even online options. While students need to consider what they want to study, they also have to consider employment options for when they graduate, the cost of each school, the realistic chances of getting accepted into each school, and the degree options each college offers. Read more about college and career training choices.

There are online college options now too. An online school will often be less expensive than a traditional college, but the cost savings are usually not in the tuition department, they are in the living and commuting expenses area. The tuition of online schools is not usually cheap, but you don't have to move away to school or live in a dorm or eat in their cafeteria. Considering online schools

One career option that most incoming freshmen do not consider is culinary arts training. Working as a professional chef is not in the college guidebook for most universities. Most working chefs do not attend a traditional college, but instead attend a culinary arts school for a short period of time where they learn the basics of working in a kitchen. Many potential students like the idea of attending school for just a short period of time before being able to make a paycheck. Read more about enrolling at a culinary school.

Another area that doesn't get much attention from students is fashion design. The fashion industry can be a tough business to get into and many of the jobs are mainly in the bigger cities. Plus, most colleges do not offer degrees in fashion, although a few will offer a class or two. California fashion classes is where you can find out more.

And if you want to leave California to attend college, you do have many options. One city you may not have considered is Kansas City, but when you are making a major decision (such as which college to attend), you should not leave any stone unturned in your search.

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